There will be a remote-control car race on the Moon in 2021. Seriously.

Dec 04, 2020
There will be a remote-control car race on the Moon in 2021. Seriously.
An extremely odd project is planning to hold a remote-controlled car race next October ... On the surface of the Moon. What’s more, the two racecars will be partially designed by high school kids, and McLaren P1 designer Frank Stephenson is involved.
Each car will weigh 2.5 kg (5.5 lb), and the "deployment mechanism" used to deposit them on the lunar surface will weigh a further 3 kg (6.6 lb.) This 8 kg (17.6 lb) combined weight is a big deal, because it’s going to the Moon. That’s somewhat of a special delivery, and not a cheap one. Lunar logistics company Astrobotic, for example, is currently quoting prices of US$1.2 million per kilogram (around US$544,000 per pound) to plonk things down in one of its Peregrine lander modules.
These Moon Mark racecars, however, will not be traveling with Astrobotic. They’ll be traveling in a Nova-C lander made by Intuitive Machines, which will be sent spaceward on the top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with an anticipated launch date in October 2021. The "first lunar lander wholly developed by a private company," the Nova-C will touch down in the Oceanus Procellarum, close to the grand canyon-sized Schröter’s Valley, and its chief task is conduct an initial survey of the area. Here, check it out on video:
The two race cars will be based on the same basic architecture, which we understand is not yet locked down, but will include a battery-electric drivetrain. Moon Mark has partnered with Colorado’s Lunar Outpost, which will take its Mobile Autonomous Prospecting Platform (MAPP) and adapt some of its capabilities to create the racing platform. You can see the MAPP in the video below.
Maybe that’s a worthwhile goal. Or maybe today’s kids will consume the Moon Mark race like they do any other internet video, give it a quick thumbs up and get back to watching skateboard fails and cats that sound like they’re talking. I guess time will tell!

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